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Cultural Competence: Bias [1.0 CE Credit]

This course addresses implicit and explicit bias, the impact of bias on others, and the effect of bias within the United States as well as within the massage and bodywork industry. Learners will discover ways to identify their own biases and strategies on how to reduce the negative impact of bias in personal and professional settings.
  • Course Objectives
  • Defining the Difference Between Conscious and Unconscious Bias
  • Recognizing Unconscious Bias Within Oneself
  • Recognizing the Impact of Personal and Professional Bias on Others
  • Identifying How Bias Applies to the Practice of Massage and Bodywork Therapy
  • Knowledge Check and Resources
  • FSMTB Volunteer Opportunity
  • Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate of completion with a duration of 3 years